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Welcome to Onestop Solutions !!!

Dental Oral Instruments



  • The 4pc DENTAL Proximator Luxating Elevators Set is used for effective dental extractions while reducing the amount of potential damage during a procedure. Choosing the right instrument is critical for the success of a dental procedure. With the number of tooth extractions increasing more every year, it is important to have a dental tool that can provide a precise outcome.
  •  Forged from Premium High Grade O.R. Quality Stainless Steel. Corrosion Resistant, Tarnish Free with a Smooth Finish. Ultrasonic Cleaned – Fully Autoclavable For Proper Disinfection
  • The color coded + ergonomic handle design encourages proper directional force while allowing for full control during apical progression of the sharp working edge. The solid, one piece design provides a firm and balanced true feel during the procedure. The high grip surface provides minimal rotation for precise applications.
  •  The 4PC Dental Luxating Elevators Proximators Kit gives the best possible access to any root surface in the mouth. Reach even the most difficult posterior areas without extreme cheek retraction. New improved design reduces user fatigue for the quickest and easiest operation time

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Dimensions 13 × 1 × 12 cm


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