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Welcome to Onestop Solutions !!!

Welcome to Onestop Solutions !!!

Puppy Pads for Dogs




  • Non-Toxic polymer layer sucks up the liquid instantly converting it into a quick drying gel. Five strong layers of protection absorb 3 cups of urine to keep your floors clean and dry!!
  • First layer has a tear resistant top sheet. 2nd layer of quilted towel material draws in moisture to be absorbed quickly by a 3rd layer. 4th layer instantly turns the liquid into a gel, Followed by a 5th layer with plastic lining for ultimate floor protection.
  • Does Your doggie wee wee all over the house? Kitchen floor or bathroom? No more tracking puppies urine around the house! Here is the perfect disposable solution to rolls of paper towels, diapers and all those incontinence messes!
  •  Protect your leather seats in your car! Use pee pads in a puppy playpen, crate or dogs bed as a liner. Use if you have a “messy eater”, or a breed that is notorious for dribbling water outside their bowl.

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Dimensions 22 × 22 × 6 cm


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